Business is booming, but are you nervous about the future?

  • Hiring experienced or hardworking people is challenging.
  • Your best people are nearing retirement.
  • You have limited tools for training your team.
  • Technology is changing how we build.

Your People are Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

The construction industry is facing real challenges. But we believe if you invest in your people, you’ll win long-term.

No one in society can live the life they do without you and the Dirt World—our communities depend on your success.

Introducing BuildWitt Leaders

  • BuildWitt Leaders is the first online training platform built specifically to develop people in the Dirt World.
  • Anyone on your team can watch short training videos anytime, anywhere. Your people can grow and learn before safety meetings, during rain days, and at home.
  • Courses taught by top industry and world experts for anyone from executives to laborers on topics like leadership, equipment, project management, construction basics, and more.

We’ve gone from concept to reality in four months, but now we need your help.

We've invested over $500,000 to launch and prove the concept of BuildWitt Leaders. Hundreds of people and companies are already using it daily, and we're hearing incredible feedback.


You guys nailed it with BuildWitt Leaders. Exactly what we need as an industry.
Heath Hanna
President, Contour Mining

Our biggest constraint is capital. We have the people, but we need money to build our team, hire more top experts, and develop a custom platform. Many contractors have money, but you need help developing people.

We created BuildWitt Leaders Founding Members to connect the dots, and if you’re a dirt contractor who wants to train and develop your people, you’d be a perfect fit.

Why Become a BuildWitt Leaders Founding Member

Grow Your Team Give your entire team access to all the training on BuildWitt Leaders today.
Show You’re Serious Show your dedication to giving your people growth opportunities.
Be in the Future Stay years ahead of the competition.
Be Prepared Strengthen and prepare your business before a market slowdown.
Improve All Around Improve your company while improving the industry. A rising tide lifts all boats.
Invest in Progress Have a say in how we develop BuildWitt Leaders and what experts we bring in next.

Invest in BuildWitt Leaders as a Founding Member and develop and train your people.

Invest in BuildWitt Leaders as a Founding Member and further your biggest competitive advantage (your people) like never before. By developing your people, your company will thrive for generations to come, you’ll recruit the best talent, and you’ll further your community.

What You Get as a Founding Member

Founding Members

Join a community pushing the Dirt World forward.

Founding Member Investment Levels



  • 1-Year Company Subscription
  • Company Feature on Founding Members Page
  • BuildWitt Leaders Badge for Website and Careers Page
  • Exclusive Access to Live Events



  • Silver Membership Features
  • One Ticket to BuildWitt Leaders & Echelon Front FTX Event



  • Silver Membership Features
  • One Ticket to BuildWitt Leaders & Echelon Front FTX Event
  • Job Site Photoshoot by Aaron Witt
  • Company Feature on BuildWitt Vlog

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why become a Founding Member?

    Why should your company invest in BuildWitt Leaders as a Founding Member? Aaron Witt explains.

  • How do I pay for my membership?

    For the Silver tier, you can pay online via credit card. Once you pay, you'll receive immediate access to BuildWitt Leaders. If you prefer to pay via check, complete the steps below.

    For the Gold and Platinum tiers, you'll pay via check:

    1. Fill out the Founding Member Application
    2. Email the application to us at
    3. Make checks payable to BuildWitt Leaders and mail check to BuildWitt Leaders ℅ Buildwitt, 1400 Adams St. Ste 202, Nashville, TN 37208
    4. Once we've received your application, we'll get your account set up and email you all of your access information.
  • How do I set up my account?

    If you pay online via credit card, you'll create an account and get access instantly. We recommend using a general email address as opposed to a specific persons' email address. We also recommend against using a group email address to limit who receives BuildWitt Leaders communications. (Example:

    If you've joined via check, once we receive the Founding Member Application via email, we'll get your account set up and email you all of your access information.

    Your account will be set up within 24 hours of us receiving the application.

  • Where do I send in my completed founding membership form?

    Please email your completed Founding Member Application to

  • How do I get my company started once I've joined?
    1. Send an email to your company announcing this as a new resource, including the username and password (Your team will use login information - no limit on how many can be logged in at a time!)
    2. Add the BuildWitt Leaders badge to your website/careers page with link (it'll help for recruiting)
    3. Invite folks in your company to start learning and spreading the word to the rest of the team
    4. We'll help you implement BuildWitt Leaders, give you some tools and easy ways to work into your day-to-day operation
    5. We'll work together based on your advice and feedback to make BuildWitt Leaders the most valuable, complete development and training tool in the Dirt World!
  • What happens to my membership after the first 12 months?

    You will be a BuildWitt Leaders Founding Member for life. That means your company logo & website will be displayed on our Founding Members page and we will always seek your feedback and advice. Founding Members will receive discounted rates on all future BuildWitt Leaders platforms and tools.

    To continue using BuildWitt Leaders after the first 12 months, you will need to renew your membership at a discounted rate.

  • What is the Echelon Front FTX event?

    We’ve partnered with retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink’s company, Echelon Front, to host a Field Training Exercise for BuildWitt Leaders Founding Members.

    The Field Training Exercise (FTX) is a 2-day hands-on, real world training on the principles of Extreme Ownership. Join other construction executives like you where you’ll learn how to apply the 4 Laws of Combat and the Mindsets for Victory through challenging combat simulations.

    While the laser tag is intense, the instructors are incredibly good at truly teaching you the lessons with plenty of class time to debrief and learn together. The FTX will dramatically and instantly improve the way you lead your team.

    Previously, the BuildWitt + FTX event was exclusively for BuildWitt Partners and team, but is now available for Founding Members!

    The FTX will be held in Nashville, TN in November. You can either come to it yourself, or send someone from your team. If you can’t attend due to scheduling conflict, your seat will be reserved for the next BuildWitt + FTX event or can be transferred to another member on your team.